and don’t forget . . . these clients are HUMANs

Do you know the feeling you have when you go for a medical “procedure”, and the attending Doctors are huddling and talking gibberish about what’s about to happen to you?

These specialists seem to be in a war of long, complicated words accentuated with moments of disagreement and much grunting and gnashing of teeth as to the determination of the precise course of action which is most likely result in the highest probable chance of success thereby adding years on the life of YOU, the patient.

What if the Doctor who won the argument is WRONG?

That other Doctor claims bragging rights , and you, the patient is harmed or . . . deceased.

Of course, this is a preposterous scenario in a real life medical surgery, but it plays out similarly in real estate transactions in which the stakes are HIGH, and myriad potential complications lurk every step of the process. The client is “ALL-IN” because she needs THIS house because it’s perfect in EVERY way . . . Checks ALL the boxes of settling in to the lifestyle she craves – Convenient Location, perfect fenced yard for Bowser, close to the local Gym and that favorite coffee shop just a block away.

Indeed, the stakes are high!

The best REALTORS pay homage to delivering a smooth PROCESS which doesn’t overcomplicate every step of the way

Let’s keep it simple . . . 4 distinct phases – SearchAnalysisNegotiation – and Completion (CLOSED)

with 20 steps and @ 42ish people – each with a crucial role – We Real Estate sales Professionals orchestrate this magnificent display of moving parts masterfully all the while being like a duck – Calm and unruffled on the surface and paddling below.

I profess to be YOUR Real Estate SOULution for ALL things real estate.

If you’re in the mood for a move, Connect with me to get this process started,

Barry Owen

Real Estate Strategist






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