A week of Settling – Monday Morning Coffee

Welcome to March!

Yesterday, I declared it to be SPRING in Owen hollow.

Yep! I hung the Hummingbird Feeder and spent the weekend tidying up the many fallen limbs and sticks. This is a very serious and intentional process of gathering the scattered debris into piles all over the property . . . and then went about the laborious task of moving them all to the Fire Pit area. this is a Spring ritual for me. It’s a very deliberate process – Gather – Move – Process . . . The process part is sorting kindling from logs which I cut to 18 inches . . . and then stack all of it and cover with plastic. That wood will dry out over time. I have 4 of these piles accumulated over the 4 years of my working this land.

I get great pleasure in this work because, as I improve the beauty of my Holler . . . AND I re-stock the fuel for Winter warmth. The grid can fail, and I’ll be warm. If’n that happens, y’all are welcome 🙂

The advent of Spring also brings with it a STRONG real estate market here in Middle Tennessee. We powered through January and February with record home sales here at Pareto Realty.

One thing we have heard from some of our clients is that they want to move but are hesitant to to start looking for another house lest they not be able to sell their own house quickly enough to buy . . . or . . . their house sells “too quickly” thereby potentially leaving them without a house. I totally “get” this risk, and can assure you that the word “strategist” in my email signature has real meaning.

I love accomplishing the “impossible” for my home buying and selling clients. We think “possibilities” every step of the way. We anticipate as much as possible such that we can advise our clients to make decisions which lead to results that will make you smile. We never put all the eggs in a single basket (strategy) and focus on identifying multiple pathways for the journey from here to “there”.

Honestly, it’s not easy to navigate this low inventory housing market with an ever-increasing influx of new Middle TN residents. No honest Realtor can promise a hassle free experience buying or selling a house in this environment . . . EVERY deal has potential for “complications” along the way. The true “worth” of choosing to work with me or a Vital Few Realtor of Pareto Realty is that we have wide open channels of communication internally . . . Most (if not all) “sticky situations” any agent encounters come to my (Principal Broker) attention, and together we create solutions that keep things moving forward.

A couple months ago, I Opened Space for a day long meeting for our agent members to consider issues and opportunities around the Pareto Realty Mission and Purpose. As “Host and Facilitator”, I did not participate in the discussion and witnessed the most wonderful Passion around the PRIDE of being a member of such a fantastic group of consummate professionals . . . Pareto Realty truly is a rare, Boutique real estate firm that cares.

If you or anyone you know is contemplating a move at any time in the future, NOW is not too early to meet with me or you own favorite Vital Few Realtor.

Wishing you Peace and Happiness1

PS – We are also indefatigable in our pursuit of any other Realtors out there who are entertaining a change of firm – Let’s talk!


Posted by Barry Owen on Monday, March 2, 2020

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