A Time for Coming Together

SO much has happened in the past 6 days, and I am in deep appreciation of the generous people of Nashville. An AMAZING amount of “recovery” has been accomplished in a crazy short time.

We know this is only the beginning of healing, and we are keeping our ears open for additional needs out there that we can participate in fulfilling.
Sherry and JR, Anna, my friend Ernest, and I tackled a Hermitage neighborhood on Saturday with 3 chain saws – We did an amazing amount of clean up in @ 4 hours and stopped when 2 of the 3 chain saws quit working.
If you are here in Middle Tn and are participating in the clean up, PLEASE report your hours worked at Hands on Nashville – These hours recorded will positively affect the Federal funding


Last week, the unfathomable happened here – A pack of 9 Tornadoes churned through Middle Tennessee leaving a horrific path of destruction.

The people of our city have met the challenge with conviction. People not from around here don’t understand how we can organize so quickly to meet the needs of those who were affected.

We still have work to be done!

Next week, YOU have the opportunity to “Learn from thought provokers, experts, activists, shapers, researchers and practitioners realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness for all.

Topics include education, the future of cites, work,personal development, and leadership.
The on-line content is free when you register at: https://academy.happinessfest.world/users/checkout/auth

Our Local event registration http://nashvilleagoraregistration.com/
Join us throughout the week at the Pareto Realty office 4004 Hillsboro Pike Ste B234 (Above Brushfire). We will be using world-renown Open Space technology. Join like-minded people apply what you’ve learned along with your idea and experience

To: Meet the challenges of change: Creating a vibrant, well, and happy Nashville.” Joe Brodnicki

Monday through Friday (March 16-20), we have 5 days (9AM-4PM) to explore “Issues and Opportunities” relevant throughout Nashville and the world . . . Anything goes! Each day can “stand alone” or continue on-going conversations exploring tough issues we are all facing.

Those who attend will have a unique opportunity to learn more about Open Space Technology Meetings – How they work – Experience through participation and maybe even LEARN and PRACTICE how to Open Space.

Saturday, March 21 will be our “Main Event” from 9-4

Luis Gallardo emailed the following
The Antidotes to Uncertainty


March 16-22, 2020

We are aware of how the Coronavirus has become a challenge for people and institutions around the world. And that is why we have decided to keep celebrating the World Happiness Fest and International day of Happiness. All over the world.

It is the responsibility of conscious leaders to bring perspective, calm and education about what is really going on, in any given situation.

At World Happiness Fest that is exactly what we are going to do, and that is why we keep all activities, everywhere. And we encourage you to join us and spread the word, and happiness.

We cannot be driven by fear without hope and by just being observers without responsibility. We are realizing a word with freedom, consciousness and happiness, for all. That is why we keep manifesting, we keep bringing context over limiting believes.

Reality has many different perspectives and we want to bring you all, so you can make choices based on free thinking.

Let’s talk about the antidotes to uncertainty.


Luis Gallardo – Founder & PresidentWorld Happiness Fest

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