A Recipe For Being High on Life

There’s a veritable trifecta of good Mojo Happening in the next 30 days


You’re invited to ALL of it.

We begin with the Kick-off of the next “Life Rhythm Workshop

This workshop is four weekly 2 hour sessions beginning Thursday Noon 2/20/2020. If you’re frustrated with yourself with respect to your satisfaction of your quality of life, THIS workshop is for YOU!

Yep! We begin with working together to recognize and honor WHO we are and why we are here on planet Earth. Who are we here to serve, and how will we do this optimally? How can each and every one of us fulfill our unique potential?

My hypothesis is that most people are working too hard to enjoy the level of Joy, Happiness, and fulfillment we all deserve.

Let’s learn to be a little more “selfish” with our time, energy, and money and practice taking care of Self FIRST such we can project the power of our unique qualities and talents to positively influence those we are here to serve.

In these 4 sessions, we will unpack – roles and goals – Doing more with less effort by engaging the Pareto Principle (80/20) – Living in flow – Working IN your Business and working ON your business and knowing the difference – and 2 full hours of learning some “training wheels” of caring for yourself through attentiveness to Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Social, and emotional self energy.

When you complete these four session , you WILL experience a lift in terms of finding more happiness, joy, and enhanced self regard/worth.

March 12 will be the “Commencement date” of the new you 🙂

Just a few days later – March 16, 2020 – The World Happiness Festival – Nashville Agora LAUNCHES for 7 days – and each day has a unique Theme.

  • 16 March – Happiness at Work
  • 17 March – Education
  • 18 March – Social Impact and Personal Development
  • 19 March – Health and Well Being
  • 20 March – Technology of Well-Being
  • 21 March – Let’s Take care of our planet
  • 22 March – Solidarity Happiness Race


We will Open Space each day and will connect virtually in a variety of ways throughout this amazing journey of bringing more happiness in the world such that we collectively shift to a way of all of humanity to live in a way that naturally leads to the healing our our planet.

Deepak Chopra in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success says the following:

The third piece of this trifecta will manifest as a result of the first two. We cannot even fathom what that will look, feel, taste,smell, hear . . . sense like, but one thing we do know is that the more people we “infect” with Happiness, the better we (and our planet) will be.

Are you IN?

Life Rhythm Workshop

World Happiness Festival – Nashville Agora

Click the links above to register – There is NO cost for the Life Rhythm Workshop and a “Donation” cost – Whatever you are willing to pay – for the World Happiness Festival Nashville Agora.

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