A litmus test for moving forward

Every day, each and every person on this planet encounters myriad issues and opportunities as we tumble through this thing called life.

Even those with the most steadfast commitment to moving forward on a well defined path can easily “lose their way” (or momentum) when confronted with distractions and obstacles. In this, our hyper-connected environment, our path is a veritable gauntlet of temptation and unforeseen complexity . . . As the difficulty of moving forward increases, our proclivity towards the siren call of all the bright, shiny objects/new opportunities also increases.

What’s at stake is our ability to FINISH . . . ANYTHING.

It’s as if the whole Universe is conspiring to obstruct our path to completion such that our frustration level requires us to abandon the mission.

Are you keeping score?

What’s your “batting average” of finishing initiatives you’ve started?

During a conference call yesterday, my friend Jacob gifted us with a “golden nugget” mini-process for improving our ability to let go. The context was one of letting go of emotionally charged scenarios, and I later realized that it’s a great “tool” for the emotional mind.

Jacob called it “Self Inquiry” – He referenced a book and saved all of us the laborious task of reading the book by giving us the recipe for the secret sauce in @ 25 seconds flat.

I’m paying it forward to all the right people who need to learn this today.

My version is slightly “enhanced” for agility.

Situation: A MONSTER emerges on the path ahead . . . An emotionally charged issue . . . An enticement to take a short-cut . . . a distraction to redirect your focus . . . ANYTHING that hinders forward momentum and has potential to change your trajectory.

  • PAUSE your “game” with Silence and Non-Action
  • Assess using the the following self-inquiry
  • “Can I let go of this?”
  • “Am I willing to let go of this?”
  • “When?”

If you can’t or are not willing to let this go:

  • Will this be a revision of the current mission?
  • Will this become an additional Mission?
  • Will this be a NEW mission? (Abandoning the current mission)
  • Do you know how to do this?
  • Who do you need to invite to participate?
  • When?

I believe many people (especially entrepreneurs) subject (imprison) themselves in a form of purgatory of wanting their cake and eating it too.

Resulting in them frequently failing to finish – well – anything.

Just another invitation to life an intentional life.

Claiming your own power and creating your destiny.

So . . . are your willing?

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