A Habit of 1 PDV a Day Can Change the World

When asked what they most would like to see on their own epitaph, most people respond with something along the lines of:

“She made a Difference in the Lives of many.”

Yep! Most of us want to make a difference . . . We want to MATTER in this world.

We strive to live out our Life Purpose and to make the best of our short life on this planet.

As I heard Gary Keller say once: “Unless you have some kind of inside deal with God, you have NO idea how long you have in this world.

So . . . How can you optimize yourself?

Gary also said: “You’d better take care of yourself . . . because if your body dies, where will you live?”

I believe that we are ALL Spiritual Beings, we ALL have the potential for making HUGE impact on this world and the people in our lives.

and I have an idea . . .

PDV – Public display of Validation

A new habit . . . Every day – as you meander/journey through all that your busy life throws at you, seek opportunities to publicly validate another person a minimum of once each day.

Here’s what that looks like:

I attended an Executive Leadership Meeting and was sitting at a table with 6 executives whom I had never met . . . My friend John showed up and went out of his way to shake my hand and (very robustly) announced to the table: “Do you folks know this guy? He’s Barry Owen, and he’s the BEST REALTOR in NASHVILLE!” . . . and he left.

I received exceptional service from my friends at A1 Appliance yesterday and gave them a “shout out” on my facebook page.

Most folks do (anonymously) good things for people all day long without validation (that’s not the reason they do the good deeds) and NEVER expect recognition or validation . . .

but when they get it?


and they strive to do MORE!

So . . . If you want to make a REAL difference in this world, pledge to yourself NOW that you will adopt this habit of PDV (Public Display of Validation).

This is NOT “Mission Impossible” . . . It’s only seizing one opportunity each day to validate another person’s greatness.

It does not require ANY level of preplanning.

Just selfless, authentic validation . . .

and then sit back and watch that good energy expand.

Thank you for making a difference.

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