A Health Mandated Sabbatical

In January 0f 2022, I showed up for my annual physical. I had no worries, because I have lived a healthy life my whole life other than pesky Vascular, varicose vein issues which I inherited from my Mother which occasionally required a doctor’s attention, and the mention of “slightly elevated cholesterol and blood pressure.” My Doctor and I had the same conversation every January for a few decades . . . No drama . . . until 2022.

My blood indicated a high PSA , a “marker” indicating potential for prostate cancer, and so, over the course of the next 6 months, I endured a steady flow of Doctor appointments – Urologist – MRI – Oncologist . . . while at the same time another dark cloud was approaching . . . I folded Pareto Realty into another firm, and that merger didn’t go as planned. All of my agents scattered to other firms leaving me without any source of income.

Without question, this 8 months was the most difficult period of time I had EVER endured. The stress and anxiety rendered me relatively useless. I recognized that I could not serve Home Buyers and sellers at the level they deserve, so I disengaged from Real Estate sales altogether and “took a health mandated sabbatical.”

I still needed to eat and pay my mortgage, so I took a job at Lowes for recovery. This January, I had Radiation Treatment, and was declared CANCER FREE in mid February.

I tell this story because, through this whole ordeal, my purpose resolute was nothing short of stoic. . . to HEAL my Spirit, mind, & body such that my whole self is BETTER THAN BEFORE and return to serving my beloved Real Estate clients.

As this has come together, I couldn’t honor this very rough season for me without mentioning what carried me through . . . My SOUL never gave up . . . and so . . . my new personal brand is . . . for me to be YOUR PERSONAL REAL ESTATE SOULution.

Please forgive my 12 month absence and think of ME when you or anyone you know is contemplating a move.

I am poised and ready to serve you impeccably.

Published by Barry Owen

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