A Few ideas for sustaining your Business Momentum Through the Holidays

I know we are all starting to think about the holidays, Right?

We are planning travel, Organizing parties, and indubitably have probably already begun easing our business throttles back so we can enjoy our celebrations with family & Friends.

Before you succumb to the siren call of Winter hibernation, consider the following:

The “Life cycle” of a typical real estate transaction is @ 90 days from initial contact with the prospect through to the closing. In most cases, due to the lack of inventory, this could even be WAY longer as many Buyers may submit multiple offers before they actually WIN one of the multiple offer bidding skirmishes (Some folks call this: “WAR”).

Hopefully, you already have good habits in terms of generating a leads – Converting those leads to Prospects – Then earning the Buyer’s trust enough to secure a Designated Buyer Representative Agreement which then elevates the relationship to “CLIENT” with full fiduciary representation.

The timeline for most Buyers and Sellers is in the range of 1 to 4 YEARS to play out from their 1st log in on a Realtor website to their successful closing.

Shepherding leads, prospects, customers, and clients requires us Realtors to develop systems and tools and CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT communication over time to win the LOYALTY of these leads.

The most effective and effective habits are DAILY habits.

The most important of these relate to generating a steady flow of new leads because we all know that a large number of the leads we generate will never actually BUY a house (80/20 always applies – and this is a VERY generous number)

We must sustain with intensity our daily lead generation through the holidays.
Maybe you’re avoiding taking new clients because you don’t want your business to interfere with your holiday plans.

Here’s my advice:

Throughout the Holidays . . .

  • DON’T decrease your intensity while you are in work mode, INSTEAD . . . 
  • Become more strategic with Time Blocking.
  • Spend less time working but (with intensity) get more done.
  • Partner with another advisorAgent (or 2), so you can leverage each other during the holidays to cover showings and appointments 
  • Enjoy the festivities guilt free 🙂
  • Let go and LET’S GO!b

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