A drip is not a conversation

In April of this year, I and 2 of my team members participated in the NINJASelling installation at Greater Nashville REALTORS. This was 4 VERY full, motivational days of intense learning. For years, I’ve been aware of the NINJA selling program, and I haven’t signed up because I’ve been practicing and coaching my own “way” of running a highly productive real estate career as a business while enjoying a high quality of life.

I’ve named my program “Life Rhythm“. It’s an amalgamation of bits and pieces I’ve gathered in my first 15 years of building and operating my own personal way of doing business. In 1994, I saw Stephen Covey speak and was blown away by his “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” . . . Then I participated in Joe Stumpf’s “By Referral Only” coaching program . . . added the principles and law of Open Space Technology and the universal wisdom of the FourFold Way . . . and the icing on the cake was all of the great education and coaching from Gary Keller and Keller Williams Realty.

For all of that time, I was aware of the NINJA Selling program and was aware that many (most) of the content in that program was also in my Life Rhythm program, so I didn’t spend the time and money to experience it . . . until April.

It was, indeed, a fabulous experience. I re-learned much of what I already knew and picked up some great new “tools”/Process enhancements in terms of scripts/dialogs and daily habits.

Since our “commencement” of the NINJA Selling program, all participants have received 2 email drips every week with tips and reminders designed to nudge us to stay on this course of implementing everything we learned. I have appreciated these email drips and have forwarded much of it to my team.

Occasionally, I receive a more “personal” email that acknowledges me for “staying engaged” because they can see that I opened every email and video they send me.

When I received the first of those, I was impressed because it came from Larry Kendall (The creator/founder of NinjaSelling). The email mentioned that Larry could not respond to all messages (He’s a busy guy). I sent an email thanking him for this gift of the NINJA Selling program . . . crickets . . . no response . . . ever.

Turns out, ALL of the communication has been one big drip campaign . . . a one way flow of information.

THIS is NOT “engagement”.

This is not a conversation!

Don’t do this to your clients!

They deserve better, authentic communication once in a while.

Don’t we all?

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