ZILLOW initiates Purchase of Listhub

What do big fish do?

They eat smaller fish.

In the case of a mega-fish like Zillow, they can gobble up all kinds of fish (even other fishees like Trulia).

The problem is, they’ve bought most of their competition, but those pesky MLS’s and Brokers (who “own” the data) are getting cranky about syndicating their feeds to a monster that manipulates the data and sucks the leads out of the internet and sells those leads back to the agents who listed the property (and created the data in the first place).

then Listhub came along as an aggregator and had the gall to stand up to the Zillow monster on behalf of the agents and MLS’s.

Sure, these comments are diluted and don’t even come close to painting the true picture, but they’re gonna have to suffice for now.

The REAL news is that Zillow has lost patience with Listhub’s interference in their plan to dominate the Real Estate Internet and has been quietly courting and pressuring Listhub to sell out to them . . . and they’ve DONE IT!

When this news hits the mainstream media, there will surely be a REALTOR uprising like we’ve never witnessed before.

Stay tuned . . . I’ll post up-dates as this very raplex situation manifests.


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