Zig never stopped serving

Zig died last night.


We are ALL lucky that Zig spent our entire lives serving US.

He lived to serve others.

Just look around you, and you’ll see references to Zig’s work EVERYWHERE.

He showed us that it’s possible to reach “greatness” and maintain humility . . . no need for addictions or loose extramarital affairs or public displays of idiocy.

Zig simply aimed to SERVE.

THAT was his focus.

Listen to folks who knew Zig personally, and you’ll hear stories about how he changed their lives and taught THEM about FOCUS.

This is what he did best, and he did it through speaking and publishing and “ministering” to anyone who had the good fortune to be with him personally.

Let’s honor Zig by pledging to serve others in our own personal way.

We don’t have to be good at everything . . . Let’s just strive to perform at a very high level as our unique “SELF”

and know that zig is watching with pride.

RIP Zig!

Published by Barry Owen

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