You’ve closed on your house – NOW what?

Be kind to yourself!

This is the voice of experiencing several hundred families moving with some wisdom for those who just completed their closing with sore signing hand and head spinning.

Step 10 is about all of the things that happen in this next chapter of your journey.

The matter-of-fact of todos goes something like this:

  • Move everything you own out of the place from which you are moving
  • Move all of that stuff into the place you just bought
  • Turn off the Utilities in the old and ON in the new.
  • Transfer “services” (Cable for TV/Internet – Phone etc)
  • Set up the electronics (Stereos and computers)
  • Unpack all the stuff you brought into the new house and put it all in the right Places
  • Go back to “Normal” life

There’s some reality that’s worth considering, and I am not even going to pretend that there’s any semblance of order to any of it . . . Following is my stream of consciousness thoughts about what to do (or NOT to do) after you close on your new digs.

  • DON’T move everything yourself – Hire MOVERS if at all possible. I’m not aware of a single person who tried to do this without hiring professionals (including myself) who did not in some way injure their body – Broken bones, thrown out backs, blood and gore . . . Paying Movers is totally worth foregoing short and long term pain and agony.
  • Take the pressure off yourself – Do NOT try to complete the entire move in 4 hours.
  • Pack everything that you care about . . . ONLY the stuff that matters to you . . . and move ONLY that – Garage sale, donate, gift, ebay the rest afterwards . . . This is actually kinda fun if you have the garage sale at the old house.
  • I’m a believer that every person who moves should leave ALL of the stuff they’ve accumulated through the years in the Attic, basement, crawl space without even looking at it. Face it . . . All that stuff has been in “Storage” for all the time you lived there, and you never needed to use it.
  • Set the technology up FIRST. Begin with the stereo even if it’s just an ipod docking speaker and crank up your favorite music – This is ESSENTIAL – Do this before placing the first piece of furniture or unpacking the first box
  • Move ALL of the little stuff (Boxes) into the garage or one large room and forget about all that stuff til later – The only exception being the Kitchen boxes (see below)
  • Then, set up your REAL Stereo system
  • Then, set up your computer network
  • there’s nothing worse than trying to set those electronics up when you’re tired and cranky, and the house is completely wanky being half unpacked.
  • Next . . . Set up the BEDS . . . ALL of the beds – Nothing else. Set them up COMPLETELY – sheets and all – So they’re ready for you when you fall down later.
  • Next . . . Unpack the KITCHEN boxes and get that space set up enough to be functional . . . Once the kitchen is set up, have a cocktail, cook a nice dinner and relax for a little while in your new house, on your new deck, etc
  • If you don’t feel like doing anything else after dinner, don’t . . . the beds are ready, use them!
  • When you’re ready to continue the settling in, place all of the large furniture
  • now – over time – take one box at a time out of the garage and unpack each one completely before getting the next one. This “Exercise” of unpacking boxes could easily take a month to finish . . . You’re not allowed to park your car in the garage until you are done 🙂
  • Now, it’s time to build a list of things you need and things you’ve discovered you want to change or fix in the house. Don’t do ANY of these things yet, just build the list.
  • After ALL of the boxes are unpacked, start on the list.

This may not be what you expected for Step 10, but I think it’s important stuff here that’ll help preserve your familial relationships.

Don’t make this process high pressure.

Be kind to yourself and your family . . . Don’t rush this.

This is the time to “Make your nest”  . . . It should be a joyous experience.

There will be time to manicure the lawn and personalize the house later . . . but don’t do all that until you’re settled and know HOW you will live in these new digs.

I’d be remiss if I weren’t to encourage you to thank your REALTOR for shepherding you through this process. For sure, y’all have had ups and downs.

So . . . The BEST way to thank your REALTOR is to give your heartfelt endorsement of their services to anyone you hear of being in the mood to move. Sing their praises to your Family, Friends, and work associates.

And by all means, don’t ever forget that your REALTOR will be your Real RESOURCE forever.

There now . . . CONGRATULATIONS!

I hope you’re enjoying your new home.



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