You’re Already Famous

Every time you compare yourself to ANYONE else, you’re selling yourself short.

When you get all star-struck and ga-ga about another person’s fame and fortune and think thoughts like: “Oh! If only I were to have a life like that . . . ” you’re devaluing your own worth.

The truth is, we ALL have “issues” . . . even the most ostensibly perfect people have bad hair days.

I know a few really famous people, and every time I hang out with them I realize how normal they really are . . . and then it occurred to me . . . Outside the “Arena” of their fame bubble, the “grounded ones” are no different than anyone else.

So . . . I played a little mental game the other day and very intentionally thought  – One by one – of several of the people I know and quickly realized that EACH AND EVERY ONE IS FAMOUS.

Distilling this down to simplicity leaves the premise that EVERYONE is Famous (and YES! This includes YOU!)


You’ve got your own posse . . . your Peeps . . . Your Tribe . . . Whatever you call’m, they look up to you and respect you and love you for your own unique knowledge, heart, talent, bravery, and steadfast commitment to being who you are.

Your a Leader, and all your followers expect from you is that you be yourself.

Recent musings had me wondering about Politicians and Icons (Figureheads) who are Champions of causes and/or ideological platforms and how they become “Famous.”

I believe that they do this in 2 very different ways, and I’ll stick my neck out there and profess that the true LEADERS are the ones who achieve the most fame.

The irony of this is that true Leaders seldom (if ever) seek Fame and Fortune . . . They are very passionate followers of their Heart with tremendous commitment and drive. They know precisely what it is for which they take a stand.

Leaders attract followers.

The other way are the RULERS who command and control their way to the top and dictate terms for their followers. Many of these Rulers are self-serving manipulators of the system with a purposeful agenda to gain POWER.

Rulers demand followers’ allegiance.

In the end, the Leaders win because their “base of followers” follow by choice and not for compliance (which is Historically fickle).

Now to the point . . . How does all of this add up to the topic of this thesis?

You’re Already Famous

If you’re not a Ruler (You would know if you were because your ego would tell you), you’re a Leader.

If you’re a Leader, you have followers . . . thereby deriving fame among your followers.

The bottom line is that there’s no-one on this planet who has no significance (worth), yet there are plenty of people who relinquish their significance to “Rulers.”

Love yourself and ROCK ON!

Because YOU are FAMOUS 🙂


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