YOUR Warning Order for entering the 4th Quarter of 2017

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve had a FABULOUSLY productive year so far.

Don’t stop!

End of next week is end of 3rd quarter which means the beginning of the final quarter of 2017 . . . and WINTER.

We all have plethora “Justifiable Reasons” for not cranking up “too much” business before we enter the Holiday Season.

Just ask the marketers who are full-tilt pushing Halloween fare and starting to present Christmas “opportunities” . . . According to them, we should all stop focusing on earning money and instead focus on SPENDING money.

With winter coming soon, it’s time for us mammals to prepare for hibernation, right?


No hibernation for us highly motivated professionals.

Don’t take the bait that Halloween kicks off the “Off Season” which lasts through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, WINTER, and spring Break . . . Keep your foot on the gas.

Continue your daily regimen of Lead Generation and serving clients impeccably.

During the times of natural tapering of client activity, shift some focus towards working ON your business. Develop new processes, Take time for planning and setting goals for 2018, Clean up all the debris from the fray of the BUSY you’ve had in 2017.

Sure! Enjoy the parties and the family . . . but DON’T kill your business momentum.

I talked about this in my Drive Time Video this morning Here:

I am SO excited to hear your stories of how this year ends SO much better than any other year because you stayed engaged in your business through the Holiday gauntlet.

Suggestion: Take some time next week to review your performance thus far in 2017 . . . Assess it relative to your goals . . . Adjust it to give yourself motivation to SPRINT to the finish.

I have done this for Pareto Realty and have discovered that we will meet most our goals for 2017 by the end of October . . . So . . . We’ll be increasing the goals to keep our momentum going through to the end.

PS I’m always available to meet with you if you would like any tips or coaching to get yourself on a good course of action.

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