Your Social Media Personality Mirrors Your True Self

Yesterday, I vented on Facebook about an issue I’ve been having with comcast. This was not a “Bashing rant” . . . more along the lines of a plea for empathy and/or any advice I could get moving forward.

The issue I was having was so difficult for us to resolve because we love the service Comcast provides. I knew that they offer the best, fastest, clearest Internet and TV service in the land . . . but I literally detest having to deal with their customer service department because we don’t EVER get our issue resolved with one or 2 phone calls. Instead, this issue literally required 6 (SIX) calls and twice we had to wait for 2 hours for technicians to arrive only to hear that our particular issue is one that the service technicians will not fix (even with the upgraded service policy) . . . The only real solution would require us to move the location of the TV so it could plug into a different wall outlet.

Why couldn’t they have told us that 2 months ago when we opened the issue?

Ah well . . . so in my opinion, Comcast is suffering from DID

Dissociative identity disorder

There are 2 mutually exclusive identities for this company:

1. The BLEEDING edge Technology that keeps them in front with the best product

2. The sadly complex and frustratingly dissociative Service Department

IMHO there’s NO way the same company runs both of these identities . . . They don’t communicate with each other . . . How could the one be so stellar while the other so lagging?

But . . . None of that is what this post is about, so stay tuned.

I had the MOST amazing responses from facebook friends and wrote the following posts (Have deleted names to protect the innocent)

“You folks ROCK! thank you for the comments. I think we have it figured out with the counsel of a Comcast tech who stood in the fire as we passionately explained our issues and very politely but firmly said that the issue we are having is one that Comcast techs are not trained to do nor are they allowed to do it – apparently a wire was not installed properly going from the attic hub to the wall outlet when our house was built (or a rodent chewed it) – – So – We either abandon that outlet and relocate the TV or have an electrician run a new line. We have opted to stay with Comcast and relocate the TV

Now for my appreciation post – Y’all gave such an array of great answers that even mirror who you are and your personalities, and I cannot tell you how much it means to have real, solid answers packed with technical research from an Atlanta based Awesome Musician and friend – a Coach and Consultant in Atlanta offering sage advice to be free of “capture by email address” (I do use gmail) – a Passionate Wellness advocate and friend – a World Class author and thinker relating to one of my favorite business topics – focusing on what MATTERS – a REALTOR with obvious patience and sticktoitiveness (Your Clients are lucky to have you) – and an all around great guy and radio personaility – Marketing guru for the family real estate business – Another REALTOR with good counsel – and a Speaker trainer REALTOR who knows to ASK.

 Y’all should check each other out – You’re a great bunch of people, and I thank you.

I was just as amazed by the depth of thought that went into the comments from these Facebook friends as I was at the ineptitude of Comcast to deal with the issue at hand.

I literally had to get to the edge of severing my relationship with comcast before being at a place where my friends could talk me off the ledge and into reason.

All of them ultimately said that it would be worthwhile to persistently continue to work with Comcast to resolve the issue rather than changing service providers.

and . . . all of them responded EXACTLY in alignment with who I know each of them to be.

When this happens, I think it says a lot about the authenticity of these folks . . .

So . . . we ALL have potential for DID moments in our personal and professional lives . . . Let’s just learn a little something from the Comcast story and focus on our own intentional and genuine /authentic behavior.

PS facebook is an amplifier of your personality . . . Use it in a deliberate and conscious way.

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