Your REALTOR’s real job is very different than what you might think

Many REALTORS drive fancy cars and seem to party like rock stars most of the time.

The public image is one of a care free public figure who is willing to work 24/7/365 with no need for pesky little things like “quality of life.”

Much of this is affirmed in local and National advertising.

So . . . If you’re not a REALTOR, you may not have the highest regard for Real Estate Sales Professionals.

Following are some doses of reality . . . Things your REALTOR would NEVER tell you because most REALTORS are “ClientCentric” and WAY more humble than their persona indicates . . . That is, when you are working with a REALTOR, YOU are the center of the Universe for your REALTOR.

This creates a selfless service as your REALTOR absorbs the impact of any and all issues that arise throughout the transaction. Most Home Buyers and Sellers never have a clue that their REALTOR saved the deal with a miraculous negotiation at the last minute . . . or saved huge expense by finding a creative solution to a very complex problem.

Additionally, I’m thinking that most people are not aware that every REALTOR is an independent contractor which means the he/she is actually founder/owner/operator of a small business.

In middle TN alone, there are more than 5000 REALTORS . . . LOTS of competition for the business.

Every independent REALTOR wears several hats – Buyer Specialist – Listing Specialist – Fiduciary Confidant – Strategist – Negotiator – Marketer – CFO – Office Manager – Contractor – “Psychologist” – “Family counselor” – connector – Lifelong resource for all things needed by any homeowner . . . EVER.


Every REALTOR I know (which is VERY MANY) loses sleep mulling over issues that have potential to affect or harm their clients.

By definition, we REALTORS are servant leaders in our communities. It is incumbent upon us to know local, state, regional, and National trends that have bearing on the health of our local housing market. Knowing is only the tip of this iceberg. We must also be able to interpret these trends in language that our clients (home buyers and sellers) understand clearly enough to make “right choices” commensurate with their goals and aspirations. The obligation doesn’t stop there . . . We must ALSO engage in these shifts and take action through community participation to help shepherd our market through the transitions over time.

For sure, Everything is always moving.

Bottom line: The onus on all REALTORS is to be THE local experts (authorities) for all things real estate.

This is our charge, and we DID sign up for it.

I’d love to hear some phantom REALTOR HERO stories . . . What issues have you solved that could have done great harm to your clients and didn’t tell them?

Quit being so humble . . . Take the credit if it’s due.



Published by Barry Owen

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