Your REALTOR’s Job may not be what you think

Real Estate Sales Professionals seem to have THE life, RIGHT?

After all, they barely have a “job” and they always appear to be happy and carefree . . . not a worry in the world. They seem to flit from one place to another just keeping themselves busy and entertained.

The really tantalizing part of it is they must make a TON of money because they drive the nicest cars . . . and wear the nicest clothes.

Oh! They brag about how many MILLIONS of dollars in houses they sell each year.

REALTORS are Living the DREAM!

or are they?

“Top Ten doses of reality”

  1. Selling houses is not rocket science, but finding new clients isn’t a cakewalk
  2. Who gets the blame when ANYTHING goes wrong in a real estate transaction? Yep! The REALTOR
  3. When something breaks or a contractor drops a ball, who is the one left standing there holding the ball and scrambling to fix what broke before the closing?. . . . Yes – The REALTOR
  4. In the average real estate transaction, there are @ 40+ people involved . . . The REALTOR is the “Conductor” and therefore must be very adept at managing and coordinating
  5. When Home Buyers and Sellers have mental breakdowns, their REALTOR comforts them and listens as their surrogate psychologist
  6. REALTORS mow lawns, do dishes (and windows), move furniture, fix toilets, clean up pet poop, pick up dirty laundry, and attend to anything else that needs doing to accomplish the mission
  7. REALTORS may have the only profession on the planet in which some of their clients appear to have no qualms whatsoever asking (or demanding) them to take significant last minute cuts in pay – Just because.
  8. After the closing, there’s not much time for celebration because the REALTOR is out of THAT “job” and must focus on the next.
  9. If the transaction doesn’t close, the REALTOR gets paid – well – NOTHING!
  10. The REALTOR selflessly takes on the bulk of the “worrying” throughout the process, so the client can sleep.

This list could go on ad-infinitum.

The job of the REALTOR is exponentially larger than most non-REALTORS could even fathom, and I’m here to set the record straight. 🙂

Most REALTORS are silent heroes. They do all of these things for their clients without fanfare or need for recognition and would probably tell you that what they do is not Herculean . . . They’re “Just doing their job!”

Here’s the CALL TO ACTION:

Find as many REALTORs as you can today and give’m a big HUG and thank them for all they do . . . or call them or email them or facebook them because your local REALTOR is out there selflessly making a difference in the lives of people in their communities EVERY day.


Published by Barry Owen

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