Your RDA of good deeds?

Recommended¬†Dietary¬†Allowances¬†(RDA) aren’t just for food consumption.

How much good can you day today?

How many opportunities to do good each day do you suppose the average person passes without pausing their frenetic lives long enough to lend a hand?

A better question: How many do YOU pass up?

How often do you see it – Think about it a split second – then move on?

Of course we can’t ALWAYS help others EVERY time we see a need.

We have people to see and things to do, and God forbid we be late or miss an appointment . . . because we stopped to help.

The rationale that “someone else will help that poor person” is a nice gesture but only that – a gesture.

Doing good sometimes is easier than you might think. It might be as easy as tossing out an “I noticed you are doing a great job today?” to someone who is clearly doing their best at their work.

Maybe it’s letting the lady with 3 items ahead of you with your full cart in the grocery store.

Standing aside when the elevator doors open to give a mobility impaired person the extra room and time to get out with dignity.

Enough describing, eh!

Back to the RDA . . . You pick your number, and we all thank you!

For me, it’s better than before every day.

Give of yourself abundantly, and you’ll reap what you sow.

Published by Barry Owen

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