Your primary responsibility is now

Yesterday is over, done with, and GONE!

Yep! Whatever happened happened, and we cannot change it.

The future is yet to be experienced, and try as we might we cannot control what happens and how people behave (or not).

Sure we can make plans and set boundaries and “givens” in hopes that our efforts will influence a favorable result.

Aw heck . . . We can even dabble in the illusory pursuit of making rules and being the almighty enforcer, but the harsh reality is that we are not in control, and there are many people and/or circumstance that will render our rules unenforceable.

My observation is that the folks who have mastered the art of living in the present – the moment – the now tend to foster better quality of life for themselves and all the people within their sphere of influence.

These are the people who respond thoughtfully instead of emotionally charged reflexive reactions.

They see the forest AND the trees.

They always seem to have the time to spend the time necessary to listen and participate fully.

When they’re not in the room, people who know them talk about how their mere presence improves the ambiance of any gathering.

Meanwhile . . . others dwell in the past with investigations and finger pointing and allegations and expending huge time, energy, and money deciding whose fault it is that this thing happened and then punishing them accordingly.

I’m not naive . . . not talking about criminal behavior, sexual misconduct, ethical aberrations, etc . . .

All the while, there are those “Dreamers” who construct elaborate images of the future in their minds and create detailed blueprints ad nauseam . . . and fail to take action.

Our primary responsibility is NOW, and the more attention we give to the past and future, the less present we are.

Let’s cease robbing ourselves of this opportunity to live our lives to the fullest by being more attentive to NOW with the people we know, love, and trust the most.

Final thought – I’m not opposed to dreaming in the form of living the present with the intention to travel along “that” azimuth.

Be present Now!

Published by Barry Owen

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