Your Personal Lead Generation Strategy – Do you have one?

No business can thrive without ample “leads.”

Business coaches and sales managers HAMMER their sales forces to “Lead Generate” relentlessly with the possible mindset that volume takes care of everything.

This becomes a numbers game . . . How many leads will we have to “generate” to score a customer . . . and how much does each new customer cost us in time, energy, and money?

There’s the quantitative approach . . . When do we decide to act more qualitatively?

What if we were to learn how to increase our effectiveness such that we convert a higher percentage of our leads into customers?

Of course, leads aren’t worth much unless we’re able to “convert” them into paying customers/clients.

Most leads show up with their guards up.

They don’t want to be sold, but they do have wants and needs, or they would not have raised their hand.

Many do everything in their power to evade any level of direct contact with a sales person. They’ll avoid eye contact, provide bogus telephone numbers and email addresses, and quickly respond: “Just browsing”.

These folks are us.

What’s going through YOUR mind when YOU are the lead?

Don’t we all warm up faster when the “sales person” leads with building rapport/relationship?

Let’s first learn more about WHY before we even stick a toe in the water of the WHAT (The product)!

When we come from curiosity and caring, leads become friends faster.

Wednesday February 15, I hereby invite anyone interested in exploring ways to improve lead conversion techniques to join us for a lively conversation.

We’ll start at 10 and end when it’s over.




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