Your “Out of the Office” line in the sand

Where do you draw it?


How much “Out of the Office” do you allow yourself to be when you go there?

Is it that you’re not physically in the office, but your brain is all (or Partially) there while your public message is that you are “out”

Will you answer your phone while you’re “out?” . . . If you do answer that phone, are you REALLY “out?”

How insulated will you be from “URGENT” client calls while you’re “out?”

Will those “URGENT” calls trump what you’re doing while you’re “out?” Things which might actually be more IMPORTANT – Like time with friends and family.

What if – While you’re “out” – you find yourself alone . . . Will you check messages and email?

While you’re “out” will you be snapping pictures and posting them to facebook for all of your peeps.

Have you selected the hotel because of it’s “Free WIFI” and on-site “business center?”

Today is December 20, 2012 (The day before the end of world as we know it), and I am busier than I have EVER been in my Real Estate Sales business here in Nashville, TN. Client calls are coming in as if we were in the middle of the HOT Spring market . . . and it’s FOUR DAYS til Christmas.

The kids’ last day of school was today . . .

Many of these “URGENT” calls for attention are coming because of some folks wishing to complete a real estate purchase or sale before year end . . . some are a result of home Buyers and sellers realizing that mortgage are LOW and our local housing inventory is LOW, so it’s a GREAT time to SELL house and BUY another . . . or to BUY multiple investment properties.

There are no signs of the volume of calls tapering . . .

So . . . Where do I draw the line?

When do I stop answering the phone?

or do I?

How ’bout YOU?

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