Your Disappointment might be YOUR fault

Pretty much everything we buy these days is more complex than necessary.

Indeed, I would venture to say that the average consumer taps into less than 52.65% of the potential usefulness of any widget purchased.

Even the simplest (by appearance) things that “set up themselves” (Like the Amazon Alexa Echo) can do things most users will never use.

How often do you get frustrated with that expensive thing you bought that said it could do things you want them to do, . . . but it seems that you’ve gotta be a rocket scientist to figure that out?

I find myself in these quandaries often. I want to get everything I can out of everything I buy, BUT . . . I think my tendencies aren’t just mine . . . I typically unpack the thing, assemble what needs assembling, power it up . . . and start fiddling with it.

I “get” just enough that I decide I don’t need to consult the manual or on-line tutorials because “I don’t have time for that!”

We all want it FREE – NOW – EASY, and when we don’t get what we want, we make noise . . . LOTS of noise . . . AT those poor “Customer Support Representatives” who end up coaching us to do what the instructions would have told us to do had we even glanced at those “instructions”.

We’re frustrated, and we need to BLAME this frustration on SOMEBODY – ANYBODY – who has the unfortunate timing to happen to be in their path of destruction.

All of this is unnecessary but necessary because we want the person AT FAULT to PAY for our miserable circumstances . . . “SOMEBODY should DO something about THIS!”


RtDS! (Read the Directions Stupid)

Consult a professional.

Speaking of consulting a professional, all of what I have written above applies to client:professional relationships.

Ostensibly, we hire professionals for their expertise . . . to keep us safe and informed such that we can feel confident we are making smart decisions.

These professionals can be VERY expensive, and most are excellent at what they do.

They are the “Technicians” in their field of expertise who drive the process for their clients.

This arrangement is fine and dandy – works like a charm . . . AS LONG AS the client participates in good faith by being available for counsel and taking responsibility for getting done the things the professional cannot do for them. e.g REALTOR cannot (and should not) coordinate all of the intricate details of the lending process – That’s to be confidentially handled between Client and a Loan Officer.

Sadly, some clients abandon their responsibilities and/or fail to act on the advice of their trusted professional, and when bad things happen as a result this client’s foibles, the client blames it all onĀ  . . . THE PROFESSIONAL!

THIS, my friends, is a prime example of underutilization of a professional.

Don’t be this person!

All it does is create undue stress on all parties involved and definitely causes harm on many levels.

Potentially Financial

Lack of good faith

Loss of trust

Could squirrel the deal altogether.

I said more about this in this morning’s Drive time video . . . Check it out!

There are a few more 100 videos at all recorded on my daily drive to the office.

PS: Pareto Realty’s mission is to serve every sub-market Throughout Middle Tennessee with a LOCALĀ  Buyer & Listing Niche specialists.
We have Identified 25 sub-markets in Davidson and the 7 surrounding counties. Many of these areas are available for the right agents.

Requirements for applicants:

Full time Licensed REALTOR
Minimum of 12 Closed Transactions within the past 24 months
A resident of the Niche area wishing to serve
Completion of ABR Designation within 6 months of Hiring
Professional Resume
Completion of DISC Assessment

Please email resumes to


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