Your Dinosaur Thinking is cramping our style

Seth Godin¬†wrote a great, provocative, little book and created a cool website to go with it (because that’s how he rolls) . . .

Stop Stealing Dreams (What is School For?) 

His book is about Public Schools . . .

How they came to be . . .

The gap they filled for industrialists . . .

and why that “way” is not relevant today . . .

Yet most school systems continue to operate “Old school” and their failure to “Meet Standards” continues to be blamed on the people (Administrators and Teachers) rather than the reality that their modus operandi is flawed.

They’ve reduced themselves to teaching the students how to perform well on the test that gauges the performance of the school (So they can continue to receive their funding) rather than teaching the students how to learn.

Many organizations do the same, and it almost always boils down to (the need for) profitability.

This is a cycle that, once established, is difficult to transcend. The entire escapade centers around an endless scramble to meet the standards thereby relegating the REAL purpose (Teaching to learn or fulfilling the needs of customers/clients)

In a for-profit organizational setting, the solution often shifts towards MORE . . . “We must “Scale Operations UP – Hire MORE people – Systematize our processes – Automate as much as possible” . . . “Survival” relies on VOLUME and GROWTH.

Seth makes the point that this “Industrialization Thinking” has lost its usefulness.

I agree.

This was my line of thinking as I churned in my brain what I thought was missing from the models of many of the real estate firms in my field of vision and experience . . . and what could I do differently at Pareto Realty that would deliver ore of what matters (Specialized Service to Home Buyers and Sellers throughout Middle Tennessee) without falling into that trap of becoming an industrial organization.

The result is (what I believe to be) a somewhat radical approach that pays attention to the needs of our REALTOR Associates at a higher level than most without falling into the trap of scaling up massive overhead . . . yet giving them the capacity to work exclusively in their niche market.

This level of thinking and acting requires intestinal fortitude and a large dose of faith that it’ll “work.” A little over 2 years after planting the first Pareto Realty “For Sale” sign in a yard, we are now seeing our strategy gaining traction . . . and we are SO excited.

Dare to be different!

If what you’re doing isn’t working . . . and it’s just like what everyone else in your field of work is doing, then maybe it’s time to imagine creating something new.

Seth Godin made the point that the public school system has operated for many decades with the Industrialization Way even though it hasn’t been valid for at least the past 30 years.

Don’t be a cow . . .

Break away from the herd . . .


(and if you are a REALTOR in Middle Tennessee with the slightest twinge of an interest in how Pareto Realty is different than the others and this difference might impact your business and your life, contact me 615.568.2123)

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