Your assumptive agenda is likely a limiting belief

Goals and aspirations create the vision of where you’re heading . . .

Your personal agenda is your pathway which you forge over time.

As with the blazing of any new trail (Path), there will be dead ends, obstacles, danger, and your inability to over-come the FEAR of all of those uncertainties is probably the ONLY thing that can kill the journey.

When FEAR overcomes your desire to reach your objective, the path blazing ceases!

Along the way, you’ll need tools to clear the brush . . . strategies for scouting the terrain ahead . . . people to walk with you and support your effort . . . a measure of self-preservation  . . . and perhaps a nice dose of LUCK!

Success also depends, in large part, on your ability to LET GO of your innate need to CONTROL what happens and the people involved.

Without question, the stronger your personal need for CONTROL the higher the likelihood the entire world will conspire against your success. Often “control driven people” end up being labeled as over-bearing, condescending egotists and find themselves all alone in the effort. Few people like to work with control freaks.

So . . . what to do?

Begin with an awareness of NOW and clear vision of the end in mind . . . then trust the process to get you from here to there.

Often, this process has many uncertainties . . . and often the more you micromanage the details up front, the higher the need for re-engineering bits and pieces of the project at the end.


Stroll through a college campus and observe the lay-out of the sidewalks paying special attention to “the beaten Path” which shows the true travel patterns of the students and faculty.

No matter how many “Stay on the sidewalK” and “Don’t walk in the Grass” signs the administration posts, it is the people using those sidewalks who will determine the practicality of the paths.

What if the designers of the sidewalk systems were to wait for all of the buildings to reach completion and leave nothing but uniform grass lawns in-between . . . have a few months of classes . . . and then lay the sidewalks where the folks have beaten the paths?

Creating the path is the journey . . . It’s trail blazing in it’s truest form.

So . . . In business and in life, if you come into every sales presentation or relationship with an assumptive agenda of your own and allow your ego to create an “It’s my way or the highway” approach, you’re often going to find yourself short of the real goal.

It’s this way in the process of buying and/or selling a house.

At Pareto Realty, we understand that each client has unique goals and aspirations . . . and that we cannot possibly come into any consultation loaded with sales scripts and dialogues to”Win the Deal” . . . It’s this assumptive (one process fits all) approach which often falls short of delivering the optimal experience.

If you’re considering a move, give us a call . . . Let’s do some trail blazing together 🙂


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