You know you are in the right place when . . .

While in grade school, did you ever find yourself hanging out with the “wrong crowd?”

If so, you probably got yourself into that crowd because they were “Edgy” or “COOL” or “POPULAR” and you wanted to be all that too.

How did you feel about yourself when you were with these folks?

Was it difficult for you to fully engage with them because they were doing things that you had been taught NOT to do . . . One side of you wanted to participate in that risky behavior even as that voice in your head was doing its best to protect you from the inevitable harm that would ultimately manifest.

They were drinking alcohol or doing drugs – smoking pot, crack, coke, ludes, etc or racing cars or smoking/chewing tobacco or shoplifting or sneaking into the movies or making graffiti art on buildings, or getting tats, or vandalizing property, or gossiping about other people, or bullying or harassing the “nerds” not cool enough to be part of your “IN” crowd.

Seriously . . . How did you feel about yourself after hanging with them?

Was your self esteem affected?

What do you s’pose other people who care about you thought about you as they witnessed you sliding down that slippery slope?

There were ramifications . . . Your grades started slipping . . . Your drive to excel/succeed waned . . . Maybe you got arrested or suspended from school.

To sum it all up – You were not performing commensurate with your God given abilities, and people noticed.

Hopefully, there were people in your life who loved you enough to intervene before you suffered irreparable self-inflicted damage.

Guess what?

This dynamic is not unique to grade schoolers.

It’s playing out just as prominently in our “Adult World”

If this is you, STOP the madness and choose to be yourself and not someone else . . . just to be COOL.

If you are “stuck” in a place where you are not fulfilled and productive, I hereby give you full permission to take responsibility for the rest of your life.

Of course, I’m giving you something you already have.

I write this from the perspective of being a Principal Broker, Real Estate Sales Professional, Coach, Consultant, friend, and Strategist.

It pains me to witness folks not reaching their full potential because they feel the need to be someone they aren’t.

When you’re with the right people at the right time in the right place, you’re going to succeed at a level of quality of life your could never have imagined.

Be your authentic self starting now!


Published by Barry Owen

Strategist-CEO of Pareto Realty Real estate sales Professional Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities BarryOwen.US Invite-Listen-Love

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