YOU Just Have NO Idea . . .

When someone’s acting crazy and irrational, most of us are quick to judge.

“What a JERK!”

“She is just CRAZY!”

“Why is he being SO unreasonable?”

“What is WRONG with that IDIOT?”

Here’s the deal – Before you judge – Consider this:

Every one of us has our own story.

We all have highs and lows, and we all have fits and spells of being irrational and short with other people.

Did you ever just want to wring someone’s (ANYone’s) neck just because you need to release some of that pressure?


Me too!

Just before that person came atcha bein’ an A-hole, maybe he just found out about a family member in trouble, injured, dead . . . or a spat with her Husband . . . or a deal just gone sour . . . or . . . or . . . or

Maybe that person just has a different style of communication that got things all twisted due to lack of understanding.

We never know . . .

and yes . . . it could be as simple as the person just being a jerk.

Lead with giving a generous benefit of a doubt.

Surprise with empathy (Are you OK?)

Practice your own integrity by not passing judgement.

Wag more and bark less . . .

Kill’m with kindness.

Be nice in spite of what “they” throw at you.





One thing I love about my work with Home Buyers and Sellers and helping Real Estate Sales Professionals build their businesses is that I get to practice these authentic principles daily.

Connect with me when you’re ready 🙂


Published by Barry Owen

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