You get to decide

I believe most people sell themselves short.

After all, each us individually has the capacity within us to make unbelievable magic in the lives of everyone around us.

We do this in our day to day and minute to minute interaction with the world.

Why, then, do some folks seem to achieve SO much more than most?

My contemplative observation boils this down to credit those whose modus operandi is characterized by intensity of being intentional.

Intentional Intensity

Persistent consistency

Intentional intensity with persistent consistency

That upon which you focus expands.

Every day, I wonder about the “Human Potential” of myself and others, and I seek ways to bring more of this potential into now.

These are the thoughts that fuel my passion of shepherding others to realize their own, unique potential.

I’ve found that – The more I help others, the more I personally profit in terms bringing forth my own potential.

The teacher often learns more by teaching especially as the students gain traction and head for the edges.

So . . . consider Intention – Intensity – Persistence – Consistency – and your own Human Potential while here on Earth.

You’re a veritable force to be reckoned with!

Let’s do this!



Published by Barry Owen

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