You didn’t HAVE to, but you did it anyway!

A Celebration of INTEGRITY!

3 Recent and TRUE stories of people doing the right thing:

  1. A contractor was backing out of the driveway of the house he was painting and hit the neighbor’s mailbox with his SUV. The impact shattered the rear window and damaged the rear door of his SUV . . . and dented the mailbox which now leaned backwards. He cleaned up all the shattered glass and wrote a note to leave on the mailbox with his name and telephone number, an apology, and an offer to replace and install a NEW mailbox. 
  2. A Buyer prospect was viewing a house and liked it enough to call a friend to come over for a look (second opinion). After the Friend arrived, another family member showed up and parked in the driveway blocking everyone from being able to leave. The Friend needed to leave quickly and rather than having the cars moved, drove off the driveway into the yard unknowingly leaving deeps ruts in the soft ground. When the Buyer saw the ruts, he IMMEDIATELY called his landscaper to repair the ruts and seed and straw the affected area before the owner returned and then had the REALTOR call the listing agent to give a heads up.
  3. A REALTOR showed a listing and accidentally dropped the lock box while inserting the keys. The box landed HARD on the concrete porch and the front cover shattered. Without thinking twice, she went straight to the trunk of her car and retrieved a NEW lock box, put the keys in it and left it and the broken box on the porch . . . Then she called the listing agent to apologize and let her know what had happened.

All of these folks could have left the “scene of the crime” without anyone ever knowing. They could have acted as if they didn’t notice the damage and gone about their business as if nothing had happened.

We see it and hear of it every day – Cars damaged in parking lots and other careless occurrences to be discovered later with no explanation . . . and we sometimes lose faith in the goodness and integrity of other people, until . . .

until we experience something like the 3 stories above.

What would YOU do?

What stories do YOU have of people doing the right thing even though they didn’t HAVE to?

These unheralded models of integrity restore my faith in the goodness of all people.

It’s the little things that matter most.


Published by Barry Owen

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