You can’t teach talent

We all know people we consider to have great TALENT!

These folks are “Natural Born” phenomena and seem to perform amazing feats effortlessly.

I believe EVERYONE has talent . . . yet many fail to optimize this talent as John Maxwell so eloquently describes in this introduction for his book “Talent is Never Enough

When a person pursues a career path that aligns with natural born talent AND applies appropriate effort and commitment, we observe in AWE!

What about the rest of us?

Why do so many people “miss their calling?”

Why is the 80/20 Principle (AKA The Pareto Principle) universal – Applies to all things?

The 20% are “The Vital Few” who SOAR and accomplish a disproportionate share (80% or more) of the results while the 80% “Trivial Many” seem to plod along working their fingers to the bone and eking by with minimal results.


This is one of enigmas of life. Since we were all very young, people have been asking: “What do you want to do when you grow up?”

One of the largest challenges of life for most people is figuring out how to make a living in a career that aligns perfectly with Natural Talent.

Circumstances of life in this world of raplexity (Rapid and Complex) seem to conspire against us as we journey along following our Hearts . . .

Relationships lead us astray . . .

“Opportunities” distract us from our best path . . .

Lack of consistent persistence causes us to quit probably just at the edge of the “Tipping Point” . . . and we abandon the effort (dream) just as we’re only a few steps from success.

The true wisdom is simple . . . I get this from Angeles Arrien’s “FourFold Way”

  • Show up and be present
  • Follow what has heart and meaning
  • Tell the truth
  • Let it go

In short . . . I believe every person innately KNOWS his/her natural talent.


Follow your passion for THAT and take RESPONSIBILITY by taking appropriate ACTION . . . Don’t let yourself off the hook if you fail to meet with early success and don’t allow other people in your life talk you out of it.

This is why you are here!

I started writing this post because Daughter Jessica did something yesterday that I NEVER would have done as a Freshman in High School.

Jessica has great TALENT with Singing and Dancing and acting . . . and she heard that her school was having auditions for an up-coming musical play . . . so she signed up for the audition and spent about a week practicing on her own.

Yesterday was the day of the audition, and she walked on that stage all alone in front of 50+ people and sang and danced.

When she came home, she said that she didn’t feel like she did very well, but she was absolutely euphoric. She said that the Music Teacher was very kind to her and smiled and mouthed the words while she sang to help her out.

This is what occurred to me:

Great Leaders recognize people with TALENT and understand that if the talent is there, the training will be much easier because of the enthusiasm that shows up with the validation and “Feeding” of the talent.

People will not optimize their impact in the field of their talent until/unless they understand that they must be teachable . . . coachable . . . as John Maxwell so poignantly points out.

We don’t know yet if Jessica “Made the cut” for another round of auditions, but I am certain her music teacher noticed her talent and enthusiasm and will do whatever she can to feed that talent.

Meanwhile, Daughter Allison decided to play the upright bass (Which is larger than she) and when she switched schools, the new school does not have a strings program . . . Allison wanted to continue to play, so Debbie found a Youth Orchestra at The Vanderbilt Blair School of Music.

Guess what?

The Leader of that orchestra immediately recognized within Allison a TALENT for playing the bass and has given her amazing individual attention and access to play with 2 groups to feed her as much training and practice and experience possible.

Allison is blossoming 🙂

There ya have it . . . The secret to success!

  • Acknowledge your Natural born talent
  • Feed it with appropriate training
  • Consistently and persistently follow your heart

I can’t wait to see you at the top.



PS – Here at Pareto Realty we KNOW our Natural born talent and take great pleasure in learning from each other and stretching each other as we continually strive to serve Home Buyers and Sellers in the Nashville and surrounding area . . . We call ourselves “The Vital Few” and take great pride in our Niche specialization . . . Just feeding our talent 🙂

Connect with me if/when you’re considering a move.

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