You are an indomitable force of 1

I’m going to do my best not to make this post the flurry of clichés, it has such great potential to become.

Regardless of what you might think, the reality is that you ARE the one who is solely responsible for your experiences while here with us on planet Earth.

Yep! It’s on you!

Every day, you get to decide to what degree you will impact the people and environment around you.

Think of this as a real gift, because NO ONE can take this from you.

This seems to be the “Theme of the day” for me, because I said this in my Drive Time Video this morning:

And then read this From Seth Godin’s blog post today: Up or Out?

“it’s on you, on each of us, to decide what’s next, to decide who we will become.”

I emphasize these 2 words: “Every Day”

The problem for many people is a failure to remember the importance of making this choice EVERY DAY!

We fall out of our flow and find ourselves in a groove . . . or worse . . . a RUT that may or may not have been crafted by outside forces and people.

These things happen because we naturally lose traction as the entire universe conspires to disrupt our focus on the things that matter most.

Life comes at you fast, and you slide into a compliant and reactive way of living rather than being the creative trail blazer you are.

Next think you know, you’re living your life as defined by other people and circumstances and finding that to be less than fulfilling . . . and you remember this choice is yours.

Will it be Up or Out?

Signing off with good wishes for all those folks who will be affected by Alberto’s assault on most of the Southeast. Be aware – Be safe.

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