I like answering: “YES!”

No really . . . Doesn’t it feel good when you can simply say: “Yes!” with no strings attached . . . no “But” following . . . Just a nice, tidy: “Yes!”

Try this on your children (or anyone for that matter) and you’ll notice an immediate pause of reflection as the one asking the question filters this “Yes!” answer through the myriad other answers she has been conjuring in her mind for the period of time leading up to her having the gumption to actually ASK the question.

Don’t let this trepidation around the probability of any answer other than “Yes!” thwart your asking of the question . . . because, if you psyche yourself out and never ask the question, you’ll never know.

Thereby adding to your building list of “If onlies” . . . and “What ifs”

Don’t sell yourself short . . . EVER!

and here’s the dirty little secret –

That upon which you focus EXPANDS!

If you learn to say more “YES!” (without condition), You’ll HEAR more “YES!”

and the world becomes a better place.


It does!

Simple as pie 🙂

Published by Barry Owen

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