Would you like the client you are?

Let’s say you meet yourself at the grocery store and make your usual “pitch” to make sure that yourself knows you are a REALTOR.

This time, you hit the JACKPOT because yourself just happens to be thinking about buying a house soon but hasn’t committed to working with a REALTOR.

Of course, you perk up immediately and go into the mode of converting yourself into a new client for you by suggesting that you and yourself schedule an appointment of a consultation . . . just so you can learn more about yourself’s wants and needs in yourself’s new home . . . and to find out if you and yourself like each other enough to agree to work together.

The meeting goes well, and you and yourself commit to an exclusive representation relationship . . . You’re now married.

The search for the house commences.

Do you listen to yourself?

Does yourself have reasonable expectations?

How clear is your communication?

How frequently do the parameters of search shift?

does yourself ask too many questions?

Is she the same person as before when negotiating, or does she assume an alter-ego?

Does yourself obsess over the details and nit-pick the home inspection?

Doesn’t he realize there’s no such thing as a perfect house?

Most importantly . . . Do you still like yourself after the closing?

I know this post seems odd, but there is a point . . .

Many home Buyers and Sellers display uncharacteristic behavior during the process because of the sheer magnitude of the Real Estate Transaction. the stakes are HIGH and so is fear.

We must know this and acknowledge it for what it is and give it the space it needs.

and the best way to learn this critical nuance, is become our our client once in a while so as to hone our empathy skills.

Lest we become a Sales robot . . .

Published by Barry Owen

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