Would you like more leads?

As a Real Estate Sales Professional, I receive myriad “cold calls” from VERY convincing sounding folks peddling “guarantees” of gobs of LEADS for my business.

I suspect that this phenomenon isn’t unique to my industry. Likely, most every industry has its own rendition of companies and consultants “selling” lead flow.

The justification of buying these lead generation systems is easy for the well scripted “Leads Pusher” . . . because: “It IS true that one great lead could easily pay for an entire YEAR’s worth of the membership cost.”

BUT . . . What’s the REAL cost of that lead?

How many “non-leads” must you work before you find that golden nugget?

How distracting is this steady flow of “Lead Inquiries” from the very activities that could quite possibly be generating fewer but better QUALITY leads?

Here’s how this plays out in my head . . . What else could I do with that couple hundred dollar “investment?”

Take 5 or 6 prior clients or friends out to lunch each lunch for the purpose of connecting and share how we can help each other reach our respective goal?

Establish a “Farm” of 200 or so families within the geographic area in we wish to specialize . . . and “invest” in direct mail and other ways to build that community’s belief and trust in our credibility as the local pro in the area?

I don’t know about you, but i’ve resolved to make my own choices as to how I generate my lead flow . . . This is NOT something ANYONE can sell me.

I know I’ve just gotta consistently do the right things and foster relationships with the right people in the community.

There ain’t NO internet based lead flow system that can beat good old fashioned belly to belly, community oriented horse tradin’

That’s how WE roll!

How ’bout you?


Published by Barry Owen

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