Worth as a Special Pursuit

How do you decide with whom you spend your time?

Tuesday 2/24 11-1 at the Green Hills Pinnacle Bank Learning Center, we are hosting a Mastermind conversation about the worth of pursuing Foreclosures, HUD Homes, and Short Sales with house Buyer clients – YOU are invited! (Please reply “Yay” or “Nay” to RSVP

In what “Pursuits” do you engage because you see their “Worth?”

This is a lifelong quest for assessing all that is available and deciding what and who are the “good fits” for your goals and aspirations.

Our guts tell us if we think it’s “worth” the time, energy, attention, and money we are spending doing this or that . . . or spending time with certain people.

Just because it’s fun or helps pass the time doesn’t make it the best fit (worthy).

Every day, we hear of new ways to generate “qualified” leads. we can join a team, buy clicks, own a zip code for a website, Call FSBOs, badger our “Top 20,” knock on doors, or spend our days trolling the local coffee shop . . . Which of these works best for YOU?

This is all true when we think of this notion of “Special Pursuit”

For me, “Special Pursuit” communicates “to the exclusion of other things we could be doing . . . In Economics 101, we would ask: “what is the “Opportunity cost” of doing THIS VS THAT?”

What do we do when we are considering a special pursuit? The smart ones amongst us research and  gathering information and opinions from other people we know and respect who may have tried these pursuits . . . and then we take action based on conclusions and our gut instincts.

We DON’T, if we don’t recognize the worth.

Kevin asked:

  • Foreclosures
  • Hud Homes
  • Short sales
I’m looking to compare the three and how they differ from a standard transaction.  Specifically, comparing how the buyer process is affected by these different types of sales.  Just trying to advise clients on what they mean for us and whether their worth a special pursuit.
This is EXACTLY the kind of topic that’s optimal for assembling a group of REALTORS for a “Mastermind” conversation, so I’ve got it schedule for Tuesday 2/24 11-1 at the Green Hills Pinnacle Bank Learning Center – Show up if you’ve got something to contribute and/or learn.
These types of sales are present in EVERY market condition. During the down-turn, they were (some would say) prevalent. Now that the market has largely recovered, there are fewer, but they’re still out there . . . and the truly savvy real estate sales professionals take every opportunity to keep themselves SHARP.
You’re invited!
Will you be there?
Please let me know if yes 🙂

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