Within walking distance . . .

NOWHERE is too far to walk if you have the time.

Everywhere you need to be, then, is within walking distance.

If this is true, aren’t there plenty of prospects for your business within walking distance of your home or office?

Do you really need a car?

There now!

I just saved you several thousand dollars in car payment, gas, insurance, and maintenance.

OK! Anyone could dismiss everything I’ve written above as being heresy.

After all, we DO know that in order to be successful, we must have a steady flow of new LEADS for our business . . . this means we had better pay BIG BUCKS for marketing and Internet rankings, right?

The more you spend, the more leads you’ll have to get in order to make more commissions so you can spend more marketing dollars to bring in more leads . . . and so on and so on and so on.

How many viable prospects for your business are there in your neighborhood or condominium/apartment complex?

Do you know?

How can you find out?

Here’s the BFO (Blinding flash of the Obvious) . . . Most people know their immediate neighbors – to the left and to the right because we ALL have a bit of “Leave it to Beaver – Gladys Kravitz” in us . . . We watch our neighbors and talk to them when they come outside.

Neighborhoods are stitched together by the strength of adjacent neighbor relations.

Everyone knows everyone else’s business, and if they all know you are a REALTOR, they’ll tell you stuff about the other neighbors . . . because they’re all nosy and they LOVE to Gossip.

When people die, divorce, have babies, send kids off to college, have in-laws move in etc . . . everyone knows within hours.

If you’re not tapped into that FREE source of great leads, you’re snoozing through a veritable BONANZA of potential new business.

I cannot think of a SINGLE reason EVERY REALTOR shouldn’t have a nice flow of FREE leads . . . within walking distance.




Published by Barry Owen

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