Within the next couple of weeks . . .

You’re going to encounter just the person I’m looking for!

I know this may be eerie and even a tad uncomfortable for you.

After all, how could I possibly predict this happening with any possibility of accuracy?

I understand your skepticism, but please indulge me for a moment.

You, too, possess this “power” to create the conditions in your life such that I encounter just the person YOU are looking for within the next 21 days.

I’ll scratch your back, if you’ll scratch my back . . . OK?

Here’s how this works.

I’m going to describe to you precisely this person I am hoping you will find for me:

I’m actually looking for 2 people:

  • Person 1 is a Real Estate Sales Professional licensed in the state of Tennessee. S/He has sold and closed between 6-15 Home Sale transactions in the past 12 months. S/He understands the value of specializing in a specific Niche, is not currently ecstatic about the current Brokerage, and wants to significantly increase volume of sales while enjoying a quality of life flow.
  • Person 2 is one of your friends, family, or work associates who is in the midst of a “life happens” transition precipitating a need to make a move within, into or out of Middle Tennessee. The circumstances could be an increase or decrease in humans in the home, occupational shifts (job transfer), personal matters (new babies, young adults leaving – emptying the nest, births, deaths, marriages, divorces, or just an itch for a change of lifestyle.

When you DO encounter either (or both) of these people, simply say:

“AHA! Barry told me we would meet soon. Can I have Barry give you a call? Barry is the perfect person to help you with your scenario.”

I’ll do the same for you!

Everyone WINS!

PS: The “Secret Sauce” of this Lead Generation strategy is known as the “Reticular Activator”. As a direct result of us learning each other’s needs, we have turned on a subconscious filter in our brains which decreases the “noise” (clutter) just enough for us to recognize the “right people” to refer.


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