When the weather guru calls for a WINTER STORM WARNING, what happens in the real estate market?

I know it’s relative to the area of the country you’re in . . . or is it?

The meaning of “WINTER STORM WARNING” may differ drastically in different areas . . . Here in Nashville (Today), it means that the torrential rain is going to change into a mix of rain and freezing rain . . . and temperatures will continue to fall until it becomes nothing but ice falling from the sky (not snow – ICE).

In Colorado, it might mean 3 feet of powder . . .

Either way, it can have a paralyzing effect on any city. Northerners and Midwesterners laugh at us Southerners about how we freak out about our little ice storms, but they don’t understand OUR version of Winter Storm. I invite any Northerner to come on down to Nashville tonight and take a spin around our fair city without landing themselves in a ditch . . . Maintaining control of a car on a 1/2 inch thick coat of ice glazed with fresh mist is virtually impossible.

So . . . will the real estate market come to a screeching HALT tonight?


We’ve got plenty to do  to keep us busy til the ice clears . . . just as those folks in Colorado will continue along til the plows clear the way.

A winter storm in Colorado would blow my mind . . . How could ANYONE deal with that amount of snow?

Same goes with our markets. Real Estate Professionals all have similar functions in their own little slices of the market . . . We all have good and inclement business climates . . . and they’re all relative.

I have no desire to work in any market but my own because I know how (and when not) to drive in my market. I know when the roads are too slippery and when the traveling is safe.

If a client of mine wants representation in a different market, I’ll find a trustworthy guide who knows THAT terrain and weather.

There now . . . I said it . . . Here’s my grind . . . An appraiser from a town 45 miles from my listing just rolled in and appraised my listing below the selling price and used comparable sales and “logic” that translates perfectly in his small town but has no relevance whatsoever in my market.

We’ll work it out, but it’ll cost everyone a lot of completely unnecessary time, energy, and money . . . just because a Northerner came down South and thought he he could drive in our Winter storm 🙂



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