Why would a House Buyer or Seller want to hire a REALTOR?

I had an “AHA!” moment a few days ago.

As I near my 18th year as a Real Estate Sales Professional in the Greater Nashville, TN market, I’ve gotten somewhat lazy when it comes to advocating the benefits of hiring a Real Estate Specialist to buy or sell a house.

The lazy part is a direct result of being (perhaps) overly assumptive . . . Jumping to conclusions based on personal knowledge . . . and taking for granted the notion that all people understand the value of hiring a professional to help them navigate one of the largest and most significant personal and financial processes of their life (Excepting birth, death, marriage, having and raising kids).

I just discovered myself assuming that EVERYONE understands the value of working with someone who REALLY knows the process and has the connections to deliver a smooth experience.

Why wouldn’t this be as intuitive for all people?

I believe it’s because we’ve entered a “DIY” (Do it yourself) world in which our sole purpose leans towards saving money by buying a “______ for Idiots” book . . . and then fumbling forward?

Does that REALLY save money?

Every time I attempt a DIY project at home, I learn this lesson again and again as I risk bodily injury and log several trips to the hardware store to pick up missing pieces.

I don’t have the appropriate tools or know-how to work on the plumbing or electrical system in my house.

If my arm breaks, I think I’d rather have a Orthopedist reset it and install the cast.

When my car isn’t running well, there’s not a diagnostic machine in my garage at home to troubleshoot the problem.

DIY is seldom a large, enduring money-saving strategy for things that MATTER . . . like Buying or Selling a house 🙂

I asked a new friend if he worked with a REALTOR when he bought his current home. His answer was interesting:

“NO! We didn’t see the point in hiring a REALTOR. We just drove around and called real estate people from their signs and shopped on-line. Then, a real estate lady showed us a house that we liked but it wasn’t perfect, so we wanted to keep looking and she helped us find the house we bought.”

I said: “OH! So you DID work with a REALTOR?”

He said: “NO! She just helped us!”

We could have talked in circles for another hour, but the point was that his search for a home was random, disorganized, and inefficient for months . . . and when he encountered a solid Real Estate Professional who served him well, the process became PRODUCTIVE.

Whether he thought he had “hired” a REALTOR or not, he was in the house he was in because SHE guided him through the process.

SO . . . HOW, then, does the casual Buyer FIND a REALTOR who REALLY knows his/her stuff and is committed to serving their needs (and wants)?

The minute you get the urge to buy or sell a house, turn ON your “reticular Activator” (That part of your brain that filters through all of the noise in your life so you hear other people talking about Real Estate) . . . LISTEN for other people talking about buying or selling houses . . . and ACTIVELY ask them if they are using a real estate professional . . . and find a referral to a great REALTOR from people you already know and trust.

Don’t leave this process to random chance!

Instead of randomly searching for the perfect house, begin the process with an intentional and deliberated search for a great REALTOR.

Just in case you’re not having luck with that reticular activator tip and you really want to make connection with a GREAT REALTOR . . . Give me a call! We at Pareto Realty are poised and READY to serve you. If we can personally work with you, We’d be honored . . . If not, I can find you a great agent virtually anywhere.

Just sayin’



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