Why work with a Specialist?

I’d venture to say that regardless of what it is that you want, there is a specialist for that.

“There’s an app for that!”

The Thing you want is clear in your mind, and you have myriad choices of ways to get that thing . . . We’ll call this thing the PRODUCT (a House?).

You can:

  • Do it yourself – Sure! Strike out there into the big scary world of endless choices. Pause your own career and life normalcy. Do your internet research. Compare prices and features and availability. Consider warranties and pitfalls. Derive your own sets of contracts and disclosures (if necessary) . . . and bear 100% of the risk if that thing doesn’t do for you what you thought it would.
  • Consult with a “generalist” . . . This person may be a professional who Operates in the industry of the thing – like a “Primary Care Doctor” or a “REALTOR” who does not specialize in that thing (Specializes in sales, but you need property management) or a friend you know who you think knows a lot about those things.
  • Hire a SPECIALIST who may be a more expensive route . . . and has this wonderful feature of being able to take all of the guesswork out of acquiring the “right” thing for your scenario thereby reducing much of the risk now and in the future and significantly reducing the stress and anxiety of your wanderings in uncharted territory.

I’m a BIG fan of paying for specialists. My Primary Care Doctor is great at figuring out why what is hurting hurts . . . but he doesn’t specialize in surgery – Doesn’t do it every day – and I don’t want ANYONE cutting into me who doesn’t do it EVERY day and KNOWS the ins and outs of the procedure.

I call a Plumber for plumbing issues and an electrician for electrical issues . . . a “Generalist handyman” for other less critical issues.

Why are Specialists worth every penny extra you might pay?

The truth is that you might pay a specialist more money up-front, but you’ll find the process so much more satisfying and the product so much more appropriate that it’ll cost you less in the long run. (This is one of the secrets as to why the rich keep getting richer . . . they understand the importance of hiring specialists).

Other than simply “doing it every day”, what makes specialists so special (and worth it)?

  • Process – Specialists KNOW the process and have all of the techniques down to an art. They continually educate themselves on all of the new tricks of the trade. They keep up with all the new legislation affecting their industry and their local market. They create a smooth process for you that begins with a “Needs Analysis Consultation” so they can appropriately tailor their process to your scenario. Their goal is your goal . . . and their commitment is to serve you impeccably because they understand better than most the importance of referral business.
  • Tools – Specialists ALREADY have the best tools at their fingertips to deliver the smooth process they promise. Plumbers come in the door with all the right tools and parts . . . Surgeons show up with the right scalpels and anaesthesia . . . REALTORS have access to the right market analysis tools and all of the most up-to-date legal documents . . . and they ALL know how best to USE these tools to serve you efficiently and effectively. The specialist knows that only with the RIGHT tools can they deliver their promises.
  • People – the specialist surrounds herself with the RIGHT people to support her as she practices her art working with you throughout the process. These people may be personal staff, the firm with which she affiliates, vendors who support her and whom she knows are specialists in their own fields (Home Inspectors, Mortgage Loan Professionals, Structural Engineers, Home Stagers etc etc). The true specialist knows which parts of the process fall outside the realm of her expertise – Beyond her process and tools capabilities . . . and she understands the importance of engaging these specialists to ensure a smooth process . . . The surgeon hires an anesthesiologist to administer that part of the operation.

Suffice it to say . . . I’m a big fan of engaging a specialist any time I need someTHING!


Just sayin’



PS – We call Pareto Realty, LLC “The home for The Vital Few” for a reason. We encourage, coach, train, and require High Performance from our members, and we know that specialization is one of the essential keys of High Achievement.

If you’re considering buying or selling a home in Middle Tennessee now or any time in the coming months or years, contact us so we can get this process started. It’s never too early to call a Specialist.

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