Why wait?

I wonder how many houses are “available” . . . but not on the market.

WHY would a house be “available” . . . but not on the market?

What’s the point?

Is it some kind of fancy-schmancie voodoo reverse psychological mystique?

Playing hard to get?

Is the Seller “Timing the market?

“We’ll keep it off the market until EXACTLY the PERFECT time in the Earth’s continuum such that when our target listing date arrives, all of the planets will align in a universal conspiracy to conjure up a mysterious drop in Mortgage interest rates precipitating a spontaneous combustion of the economy resulting in a magical generation of the PERFECT Buyer who will swoop in and pay top dollar with optimal terms for the seller.”

I know this is very “tongue in cheek” . . . not likely many Sellers are thinking things through to this degree.

Here’s my point . . . in Middle Tennessee, we have pent up Buyer demand

Much of the inventory of available (seeable) homes are “stale” . . . they’ve been picked over.

New, fresh listings are getting LOTS of attention.

Not a day passes when I don’t hear a REALTOR asking other REALTORS if they know of any great listings coming up in myriad areas.

This became prevalent enough that one of our local social media gurus (and REALTOR extraordinaire) Brian Copeland launch a great community page on Facebook for REALTORS to “talk” about issues and opportunities we are all facing . . . “All things Real Estate in central TN”

That page jumped to over 600 members within a week . . . next thing we knew . . . “Buyer needs” started popping up in droves . . . drowning out the discussion.

This prompted Hagan Stone to birth the “Central Tennessee REALTOR® Buyer Need and Referral Forum” where REALTORS can peddle their “Pocket listings” and/or look for these needle-in-a-haystack “available but not seeable” listings.

I know of several “matches” happening as a result of this forum.

My question then is: “If these Sellers would just go ahead and list their properties NOW when the market is HUNGRY, I wonder if they might get better deals from the open market?”

Abandon the “Herd Mentality Thinking” that “Spring is the best time to list!”

Why would you want to list your house at the same time as everyone else and run your race with all of that other competition?


The market WANTS your house to appear.

The market NEEDS your house to appear.

I probably have a BUYER for your house NOW (or I know another REALTOR who does).

Next step?

Call your REALTOR and DEMAND that y’all do whatever it takes to get it on the ACTIVE market before everyone else wakes up.

Just sayin’



PS – Of course I and the Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty are poised and ready to serve any Sellers in Middle TN who don’t have an agent in mind 🙂


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