Why “Stump the Chump” has REAL value?

“Stump the Chump Free For ALL”

For the past few years – EVERY week, I have offered FREE “Lunch and Learn” Mastermind events for Local REALTORS to come together to explore issues and opportunities we all face in the current market environment.

I always invite local businesses to “Feed and Educate” those who come . . . and it always creates a rich stew of new relationships that lead to future business for everyone.

For the majority of the sessions, I choose a topic that’s relevant to “NOW” and market that topic in the form of an invitation to my entire Local REALTOR database.

Once in a while . . . no firm topic (too many topics) comes to mind – yet I cannot not offer a session . . . so I do what any good BSer would do . . . I wing it by making the bold decision to let the agenda unfold in the first few minutes of the meeting.

Even worse . . . my sponsor bailed out at the last minute . . . so the “lunch” part became a big question mark.

Below is the invitation that swirled out of this quagmire:

YOU are Invited!

THIS Thursday August 9 @ 10 AM
A different kind of lunch & Learn
No agenda or defined topic whatsoever . . .
Bring ANY issue you care to discussย in a safe space (What happens at these masterminds STAYS at these masterminds) . . . ANYTHING!
Whether it be contractual issues
Client issues
Issues with other REALTORS
Technical issues

Hard to sell listings
The only topics we’ll avoid will be politics and religion.
Will you join us?
We’re going to learn a LOT from each other.
The other mystery is that we don’t have a lunch sponsor (yet) . . . Who’s bringing lunch?

How ’bout “Pot Luck?

Bring something tasty to share – Nothing fancy and certainly not a lot of it.
(You won’t be judged if you don’t bring anything ๐Ÿ™‚
R U “IN”?
Whoever comes will be the right people . . .ย 
Here’s the FUN part . . . This particular meeting will probably be one of the most productive session of the year because EVERY topic addressed will have come from that place where passion meets responsibility.
Why don’t you gather a gaggle of people for no specific reason just to see what happens?ย 

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