Why not Coming Soon?

IMHO “Coming Soon” is a flawed strategy.

Of course, the advantage for the Seller might be that the PERFECT home Buyer shows up and buys the house with “acceptable terms.”

This would negate the need for the unpleasant and inconvenient period of showing the house – Open Houses – Keeping it whistle clean etc.

For the REALTOR, there’s this potential for a FAST sale with very little time, energy, or money invested in marketing.

The down side?

What if it doesn’t work?

What if you put it out there, and nobody bites?

What if you DO sell it to this off-market buyer, and when it’s listed, 8 other buyers call and say they would have paid MORE if they had only known it was on the market?

How do you (Seller and REALTOR) keep your nose clean in terms of being fair with all potential Buyers?

If you say “No showings until Open House on Sunday 2-5,” What happens when 3 REALTORS contact you on Thursday and ask to see it before Sunday because (of course) their client will be out of town for the weekend, and this house is PERFECT for them?

I believe the risk is not worth the reward in most cases.

It’s better not to complicate the process any more than necessary . . . and “Coming Soon” is problematic at best.

None of us know the true market value of the house until the entire market has had the opportunity to see it . . . and has spoken by tendering offers.

KISS – Keep it simple stupid!

List the house, and put FULL energy into as much exposure possible within the first 3 days.

Let the market have a say.


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