Why Nashville?

2013 is gonna ROCK here in Middle Tennessee!

It was fun to see that Conde Nast featured Nashville as one of 5 travel destinations in the WORLD for 2013.
CNN picked Nashville and New Orleans as their featured cities for their CST New Years Eve Broadcast . . . Pretty cool seeing the note drop as it should (Unlike prior years) on international TV.
I heard lots of folks ask:
“Why Nashville?”
“Why Nashville NOW?”
Just like anything else (Person or Business) that’s “made it” out of the trough of “run of the mill” average, the leaders of Nashville have (and continue to) very deliberately evolve our fair city into what I think to be a marvelous melting pot of culture (Music and Art), and talent, and diversity of business and industry (Health care, Auto Manufacturing, Music, Movie) . . . all with a keen eye on keeping Nashville “small” and intimate.
and PARKS and GREENWAYS and FINALLY using our waterways in creative ways.
Plain and simple . . . Nashville is SMART and has some new gadgets (Convention center and myriad new hotels) coming on-line in 2013. THIS is the year that 20 (or so) years of very intentional growth and planning seems to be culminating into something that is recognizably NASHVILLE.
We didn’t build “Just another big city” . . . We built NASHVILLE!
If you’re a resident of Nashville, all of this hub-bub bears LARGE responsibility for you to do YOUR part. Let’s all walk our talk and show the rest of the world how these silly little economic and political foibles (Cliffs and recessions) won’t phase us as we continue to do what we do best.
We take care of our own.
We innovate and explore and continue to evolve.
I hope you are gearing up for your BEST year EVER.
If you want a boost, I am offering a workshop that’ll help you with determining your goals, finding your Life Rhythm, learning some good ways to budget your time, energy and money, and balancing your work load “IN” your Business and “ON” your business.
It’s called “LRW2” and you can learn more about it HERE – It starts January 10 from 10-Noon and has 6 bi-weekly sessions (All Thursdays) – Cost $50 . . . Just email me if you would like to join us. (7 seats remain)
If you’re interested in moving to or within Nashville, Pareto Realty is a small Real Estate Sales firm – a band of highly specialized professionals who stand poised and ready to welcome you and help you find that right place for YOU in our city . . . We’ll be honored to dub you a “Nashvillian” in due time.

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