Why Multiple Streams of Income Might be delaying success

You’re not cool unless you have multiple sources of income.

Oh yeah! THAT’S the key to wealth . . . prosperity.

I hear this everywhere.

“Get rich Gurus” proselytize this great wisdom as being the magic pill.

The more streams you have, the better.

If one stream loses steam and dwindles to a trickle (or loss), theoretically, the other streams will take up the slack and keep you in the GREEN.


What happened to “FOCUS on the ONE thing” line of thinking?

Most of these same gurus are preaching the importance of focusing, with intensity, on that ONE niche pursuit . . . and work diligently – persistently – consistently over time to achieve MASTERY!

Mastery is the Golden Egg! It’s the “place” where you enter flow and reap what you’ve sown through the years.

Can you have both?

Can you have your cake and eat it too?

A universal truth for most folks:

The Jack of all trades is the master of none!

This is a choice!

and I’m of the opinion that you cannot cheat at this game and win.

and I’m aware that some people WILL make a lot of money with multiple streams of income, but at what cost?

Published by Barry Owen

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