Why mastery of the fundamentals is so essential

Today, our Basketball Coach (Famous Marmolejo) had a work related conflict and couldn’t be present for our 1st game.

He asked me if I could coach the game.

My first thought was sheer panic because I really had not paid close attention to his plays and strategies during the practices and had a high level of trepidation being able to orchestrate a smooth game.

I was worried that my ineptitude could handicap the team.

It didn’t!

Before the game, I pulled a few players aside and asked them to brief me on their understanding of the plays. Each player KNEW and very articulately explained 4 defensive strategies and the primary positions for the offense.

These girls are 5th graders.

We didn’t win the game, but we DID win. Our opponent was a LARGE team (Easily 6 inches taller) who was accustomed to winning by 20+ points every game . . . At half time, the score was 2-1 . . . Our team held them to 2 free throws and we scored 1 free throw.

I felt NO pressure whatsoever and focused on the basics – the fundamentals of Marmolejo’s strategy . . . and I rotated a new player into the game every 3 minutes. When the other team appeared to be figuring out our defense, I simply called for a different defense.

For me, it was like pushing buttons and watching things miraculously happen.


It had NOTHING to do with me and EVERYTHING to do with the preparation (Coaching and training) of these players.

The mighty Marmolejo had first taught them dribbling, then passing, then defense, then offense . . . and finally shooting.

Each player knows every position, and every player is comfortable dribbling, passing, and shooting.

Listen to what I am reporting here. These girls excelled in the absence of their coach/leader because he had prepared him especially well with knowing the game . . . and the skills of dribbling and passing . . . They haven’t even had any shooting coaching yet 🙂

So . . . in your own life and work, are you taking the time, the energy to properly prepare yourself for whatever comes atcha through intentional focus (and mastery) of the basics FIRST?

Many people want to skip this part and rely on raw talent . . . When that happens, the result is five talented players . . . but NOT a team!

I first learned the importance of this mentality while in the military. I and everyone in my squad/Platoon/Company/Battalion worked tirelessly day in and day out on the fundamentals during times of peace, so we could perform under duress when called to duty.

I’m proud of our girls (and our coach) for today’s show – Simply magnificent 🙂

When it comes to our business of serving Home Buyers and Sellers in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee, we Vital few at Pareto Realty consistently and persistently hone our fundamental abilities and stand ready to SERVE when called.

If you’re a REALTOR in the area with a high performance attitude with an interest in becoming a member of our elite force . . . connect with me NOW!

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