Why it matters where you search for houses on the internet

Hasn’t it always been better to get information “straight from the horse’s mouth”?

(straight) from the horse’s mouth

“From the original or most reliable source.”
“I’d rather get my information 2nd or 3rd hand” said nobody.
Anything other than straight from the source is, by definition, “unreliable”.
So . . . The only reason I can imagine anyone relying on this hearsay is if that person doesn’t know where to go to hear the real poop – from the real, authentic source.
How do you KNOW that the information upon which you are relying is valid?
After all, the world is chock full of trickery.
Many “trusted sources” aren’t as they seem – wolves in sheep’s clothing.
The internet enables these tricksters as so many “internet surfers” trust that “if it’s on the internet, it must be true.”
Let’s debunk this theory with respect to the oh-so-important adventure of searching for a new home . . . or researching the current market value of your current house.
Google will provide many thousands of fancy real estate websites with mind-blowing capabilities and friendly, easy to use interfaces and apps.
All of these websites provide LOTS of information, data, and analysis . . . BUT . . . is all of this derived straight from the horse’s mouth?
Is this information all inclusive?
In other words, is it based on all of the available data, or just “some” or “most” of the data?
This MATTERS to YOU if you considering buying or selling a house.
This transaction IS an important and significant life transition that deserves nothing but the best and reliable information.
So . . . How can you KNOW you are getting the most best information?
Real Estate Sales is LOCAL . . . Rely on LOCAL sources for your information (Not mega-National websites).
Work with a REALTOR and rely on that REALTOR’s website for property search and analysis.
If you don’t know a REALTOR yet, find one through your family, friends, or work associates.
When “surfing the internet” rely only on those websites that show evidence of “IDX feeds” – Internet Data Exchange pushes the REAL information from the REAL source . . . the local MLS (Multiple Listing System). Most of these IDX websites are “real time” when it comes to new listings and reporting of listings availability, so you can have them ping you immediately when a house that fits your parameters pops on the market.
Additionally when it’s time to do “Valuation Analysis” these sites rely on REAL CLOSED data . . . Straight from the horse’s mouth.
http://ParetoRealty.com is a fine example of one of these sites 🙂
Also, most MLS systems provide websites that serve this REAL data also . . .
Here in Middle TN, this public site is http://Realtracs.com.
Ping me if you “ain’t from around here” (Middle TN) and want to find a good, reliable site in your local area . . . I’ll help you find safety 🙂

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