Why do you do what you do?

“Habits, scientists say, emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort.

Left to its own devices, the brain will try to make almost any routine into a habit, because habits allow our minds to ramp down more often.”

Charles Duhigg Offers:

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

So . . . for all these years, our brains have been seeking the path of least resistance.

Our true power lies in our choices.

Will we hold our brain accountable to GOOD habits?

Your brain doesn’t discriminate between good or bad – Healthy or unhealthy . . . It just wants to “systematize” as much of what we do as possible so as to free up more space for creativity and dreaming . . . The REAL work.

Charles Duhigg does a masterful job of ‘splainin’ how this works

2015 shows up 8 hours from the moment I am typing these words.

I’ve heard more than a few people say: GOOD RIDDANCE to 2014! which leads me to believe that they might wish for something better or more fulfilling in 2015.

So . . . What will you do differently to get those “Better Results?”

Perhaps an adjustment of HABITS is in order – Old habits CAN be replaced by new habits (although Mr. Duhigg notes that they don’t really ever die – so we’ve gotta keep our brains “honest” with our choices).

New Year Resolutions = New HABITS!

Want a little help?

Join us January 7 for the first session of of a 4 session Habit forming workshop.

Starting 2015 with a BANG!

Happy New Year!

I really hope you SHINE in 2015 . . . Don’t let your brain be lazy 🙂

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