Why do Invisible fences work?

The dogs learn the boundaries.


For most dogs, the invisible fence shows up, and the dog gets a physical “nudge” (shock) any time she crosses a boundary.

Dogs are smart, and they make a mental note not to cross that boundary again.

Once they know all the boundaries, we humans could turn the fence OFF, and it would still “work” – The dog wouldn’t know the juice was off and would continue to comply within the boundaries.

This is something I’ve thought about for years because we humans do the same thing to ourselves and others.

We install fences EVERYWHERE to enforce “compliance” or “conformity” . . .

These fences are laws, rules, best practices, guidelines, socially acceptable . . .

Seth Godin wrote about this yesterday

The invisible fence

There are very few fences that can stop a determined person (or dog, for that matter).

Most of the time, the fence is merely a visual reminder that we’re rewarded for complying.

If you care enough, ignore the fence. It’s mostly in your head.

This defines the “non-conformist” who doesn’t let these invisible boundaries get in his way of practicing his art.

Determination and will power to create something new – to innovate – makes invisible fences ineffective.

Of course, some of these rabble rousers end up on the wrong side of the law . . . or violate ethical standards . . . while others forge ahead and create things and concepts that none of us could even imagine possible.

My invitation to you is to consider what fences exist between where you are and where you want to be.

I’m betting (as Seth insinuates), the power of the fence is OFF and you just don’t know it . . .

As long as you stay on the right side of the law and ethics give this a try . . . “ignore the fence”


FREEDOM to create!

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