Why bother with “Continuing Education?”

In most Professions that require any form of official licensure, there’s a mandate for a level of periodic “Continuing Education” in the form of “Approved Courses” often offered by Local Associations.

This is true for REALTORS, and I am a HUGE advocate of the requirement.

I wonder, sometimes, why the need for a REQUIREMENT?

Surly, anyone who calls herself a “Professional” would be learning-based enough to continually hone skills and knowledge and standards of practice in order to provide the BEST for customers and clients and to stay competitive in the market???

Sadly . . . not the case!

I am a frequent witness of professionals scrambling as the deadline approaches to fulfill the requirement for CE HOURS . . . Many do so with on-line courses in the darkness of night.

When a person approaches education in this way (a last minute cram to meet a requirement for licensure), I wonder: “Why Bother?

Perhaps these folks aren’t in the right profession . . .

Why not pursue a career for which the passion is there to the degree that CE is something done to IMPROVE efficiency and effectiveness in the trade?

As I offer weekly opportunities for learning and Masterminding about issues of the day in the Local Real Estate Market, I am sometimes baffled by the question: “Will I get CE credit for attending?”

If that’s the ONLY reason you would come, I’d rather have your absence because I know that if you were to show up, you would not be present.

“Why Bother?”

Somethin’ to chew on . . .



afterthought – If I were a potential client interviewing a professional, one of my most important questions would be something to the effect of:

“What do you do keep yourself and your business up to speed with the changes and improvements in your industry?”

How would YOU answer that question – HONESTLY?

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