Are you accidentally where you are now?

Are you here because you have dreamed of being here for as long as you can remember and you cannot imagine being anywhere else?



Why not?

Many folks “sacrifice” their reason for being because of their “circumstances.”

Life came at you FAST, and you went with the flow, and this is where it’s taken you.

You cannot change all that you’ve done before, but you CAN change your azimuth and put yourself on a more wholesome path.

To accomplish this, we must change some of our behavior and perspective.

Every day, commit to spending some quality alone (or small group) time to introspect on your “not knowing” . . . a deliberate pursuit of bringing your truly passionate why into consciousness. This may take a while because you have spent SO many years suppressing the real you as you’ve been navigating the speed of life over-stimulation.

Before you know it, your perspective begins shifting into a mode of sensing the future into existence.

I once encountered a very wise man who, out of the blue, told me that he recreates himself about every 3 years whether he needs to or not.

I mused how exhausting that must be and asked him to say more.

What exactly IS “Recreating yourself?”

His answer: “A resolute commitment to depth.”

This is a going deeper in the why as a way of living more authentically.

This is a shifting of perspective that transcends the dogmatic world of jobs and bills and money and “thingness.”

So . . . Once we reach this new perspective, it no longer matters what we DO in terms of jobs and bills and money and “thingness.”

This level of authenticity is a veritable petri dish for culturing success.

Suddenly, the right people start showing up at the right time and the right things start happeningĀ  . . . Synchronicity flows.

Some of the above thoughts spilled out of notes I took during the Open Space Hotline discussion yesterday – Nice clarity!

I invite you to intentionally spend a little more daily time in those “between” spaces without any agenda other than focusing on the not knowing.

I’m betting your perspective and joie de vivre will improve precipitously.

and so will your success happiness in life and business.


Published by Barry Owen

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